Switching to english

Alles Rund um Computergrafik, OpenGL, prozeduraler Content Generierung, etc :)

Switching to english

Hi all,

this is just a small update from my side :). I think it is really better to write in english to cover all the topics in software development.

At first I thought it would be a nice idea to write the posts in German (my mother tongue) because only a few German sources for (graphics) development exist. At least I don’t know many (any?) good source for tutorials and walk-through’s in German language. And I think writing everything in German language also doesn’t really fit the purpose.

There are just so many terms that come from the english language, it’s not really possible to write something without using them. Examples are Buffering, Transparency, design pattern, etc, etc…

So, here we are 🙂

I will continue to write in english, so more people may read (or not) what’s written here – yay

Stay tuned and bb